Focus Areas

A Montessori focus area includes practical life skills, sensorial abilities, language development, mathematical skills, and an enhancement of culture.

A thematic approach is when your child learns with a new theme each term, enhancing their development of Language, Mathematics, Arts & Crafts, Outdoor Activities, Social Studies, Self-Help Skills, and Safety Skills.

Children are engaged in activities such as Puppetary Literacy, Show & Tell, Speech & Drama, Music & Movement, and Arts & Crafts.

With a multitude of daily outdoor activities, our children never have a moment of boredom. Children are given individual attention to ensure they progress and learn at their own pace - without any stress.

We aim to follow a child-centered approach and our uniquely designed curriculum aims to develop five different aspects of a child's early learning experience: physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and vocal.

Children learn best through play and discovery and through interactions with their peers. These are essential to the development of their social skills.

Here at the Red Brick Learning Center, your child's progressive development is our pride and utmost concern. It's our love for all children that ensures our tireless commitment in providing them with the best possible start and bringing forth their very best.